Postal service enterprise and financial institution integration as a source of synergy effect Cover Image

Інтеграція підприємства поштового зв’язку та фінансової установи як джерело появи синергетичного ефекту
Postal service enterprise and financial institution integration as a source of synergy effect

Author(s): Irina Lititanskas, Olena Kniazieva
Subject(s): Economy
Published by: Інститут трансформації суспільства
Keywords: Postal Service Enterprise; Synergy Effect; Integrated Structure; Key Success Factors

Summary/Abstract: Postal service is an important part of economic and social infrastructure of the state. One of the promising directions of postal service enterprises’ development is financial services improvement, which now account for almost half of the revenues of such companies. Difficult conditions of functioning and development of enterprises of postal service in the financial market makes it necessary to search for new forms of further development, in particular through the integration with financial institutions. The actual issue for the research is the need to form approaches to a financial institution selecting for integration with a mail service enterprise. It is expedient to define and assess the integration possibility as well as obtaining of the synergy effect from such integration. To select potential partners for the integration, the authors summarized the main aspects of the analysis of potential partners, which are technical, social, cultural, organizational, economic and legal ones. The analysis of aspects related to the choice of potential partners has shown that integration between a state-owned enterprise of postal communication and a state-owned bank is seen as optimal. The integration of these companies will provide liquid facility in a form of extensive branch network and strong financial capacity. The result of this association will provide a positive effect, which may be of a synergistic nature. We have carried out an evaluation and compared the key factors of success to determine the possibility of effective partnership between the operating companies. Our calculations have shown a high degree of conformity of the key factors relevant to the success of both companies, which is the basis for achieving a high level of synergy when combining them. Further research is planned to form a scientific and methodical approach to the calculation of synergies from the integration taking into account the characteristics of large state-owned enterprises and their specific activities in modern conditions, namely, the need to provide social and other services within existed state regulation.

  • Issue Year: 2015
  • Issue No: 7-8(2)
  • Page Range: 32-35
  • Page Count: 4