The Investigation of the Ottoman Historical Sources about Ukraine in Foreign Countries: the 60s years of the XX-th century – the beginning of the Cover Image

The Investigation of the Ottoman Historical Sources about Ukraine in Foreign Countries: the 60s years of the XX-th century – the beginning of the

Author(s): Ivan Tymiv
Subject(s): Cultural history, Ethnohistory, The Ottoman Empire
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: Ottoman archives; the Crimean Khanate; Turks; Tatars; the Turkish documents; chronicles; archeografic editions; scientific works

Summary/Abstract: In the article the brief review of the documentary collections and scientific works are presented. They are written by the historians who were the representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora and foreign authors that investigated the Ukrainian history of the XV-XVII centuries based in the Ottoman, Tatar and other sources. The subject of their scientific researches and the results are also mentioned.There is also presented an active studying of the Ottoman historical sources in the countries of West Europe especially in France, the USA and Canada were the department of the university and also the Turkic centre of the Ottoman documentary studying were formed. The improvement of the investigation was connected with the historians’ access to the Turkish archives files.The scientific works of the east ethnographer who studied and published the documents of the Ottoman and Tartar archives are presented. Especially the scientists of the Ukrainian origin such as Omelyan Pritsak, Viktor Ostapchuk, Lyubomyr Hayda. The attention is paid to the foreign scientists’ creative work. They are the Polish historian and archeographer Dariyusha Kolodzyeychyk, French investigators Shantal Lemersye Kelkezhe, Oleksandr Beninhsen, Mihen Berindey, American – Alan Fisher and others.The scientific activity of the French National scientific researches centers shown due to the programme "The Analyses and Publication of the Ottoman archives documents" under Oleksandr Beninhsen direction. The group of the researches under his direction published two important volumes of the documents from the Istanbul museum archive of Topkapy palace. One of these volumes includes the documents about the Crimean Khanat of the XV-XVIII centuries.The article also shows the research activity of the Ukrainian Scientific Institute of Harvard University (USA) under Omelyan Pritsak direction’s.The attention is drawn to his scientific and publishing activity connected with the publication of the magazine "Harvard Ukrainian Studies". It paid attention to the realization of the publishing project "Studied in Ottoman Documents Pertaining to Ukraine and the Black Sea Countries".In this article the scientists’ works of preparation and publishing of the Ottoman register that concern with Podillya is considered, especially its rewritten register of 1681 and also Turkish documents from the history of the Crimean Khante that are in the archives of the museum of Topkapy Palace.The article shows the works of the Crimean tartar researchers. They are professor of the University in Toronto Viktor Ostapchuk and professor of the University in Michigan – Alan Fisher. Their archeographical publications list is also given.As a conclusion it is mentioned that the foreign scientists’ research activity in the Ottoman archives and the publication of the discovered sources show a great amount of documents that concern the past of Ukraine. The actual material from these sources is interesting in its novelty and ability to supplement and refute the firmly established statements which concern the military cossacks’ activity against turks and tartars. Due to the foreign East ethnographers’ activity the hundreds f the Turkish are drawn in the scientific list of the documents of the Ottoman epoch. These documents promote the widening of the investigation from the Ukrainian history of the XVI-XVII centuries.

  • Issue Year: 1/2014
  • Issue No: 3
  • Page Range: 273-280
  • Page Count: 8
  • Language: Ukrainian