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Demoni i rituali
Demons and Rituals

Periodic rituals and demonology in Serbian folk religion

Author(s): Danijel Sinani
Subject(s): Customs / Folklore, Sociology of Religion
Published by: Srpski genealoški centar
Summary/Abstract: In the book Demons and Rituals we discussed periodic rituals and demonology in Serbian folk religion. Folk religion is probably an area of study in which most of the native authors have done their research in and it is likely the area that comprises the largest number of publications of different character and quality. It can be said that the ethnologists and the anthropologists who haven’t at least touched on the matters of folk religion and religiosity, usually different folk customs and beliefs, are a rarity. In this study, we created a certain overview and a recapitulation of the most significant results obtained while studying two important areas in folk religion. We provided comments and criticisms and offered new interpretations and suggestions for further guidelines and the new aspects of research. From the variety of considered phenomena that the title of the study could have comprised, we chose only the topics we found to be the most interesting and that we believed to be the best examples of change and the application of scientific paradigms in, most likely, domestic ethnology as a whole. The study consists of two thematic parts. In the first one – periodic rituals – special attention was paid to the holidays such as Christmas, Pentecost, family, village and municipal Slava. The second part deals with demonology, that is, with beliefs and ritual practices regarding mythical, demonic creatures. After the introductory study on Serbian demonology, the second part offers chapters on vampires, fairies and weather demons – ala, dragon and zduhać. For each of the selected topics we endeavored to present basic ethnographic data, most notable attempts at interpre-tation within the national science, criticism of previous approaches and offered guidelines for further research or our own interpretation.

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  • Page Count: 300
  • Publication Year: 2013
  • Language: Serbian