Twelve years with the Gatherings in Biosemiotics Cover Image

Twelve years with the Gatherings in Biosemiotics
Twelve years with the Gatherings in Biosemiotics

Author(s): Donald Favareau
Subject(s): Semiotics / Semiology

Summary/Abstract: “Dear Friends...” History will record that these were the very first two words spoken at the very first talk of the very first Gatherings in Biosemiotics, on an overcast May morning in 2001, by the botanist and biosemiotician Kalevi Kull. It is hard for me to convey how strange and somewhat shocking it was for me to hear such words spoken in the context of an academic setting back then – or how auspicious and absolutely fitting that they seem to me now, in retrospect. Yet this was not to be the only novelty awaiting me during that first, and most unforgettable, meeting at the University of Copenhagen’s Institute for Molecular Biology (in the very room, my hosts soon noted, that Wilhelm Johannsen first introduced the word “gene” into the discourse of science in 1909). Rather, with the successive talks of each new speaker, a new and profoundly revolutionary world of thought seemed to be coming into being right before my very eyes.

  • Issue Year: 2012
  • Issue No: 11
  • Page Range: 64-72
  • Page Count: 9
  • Language: English