The Temperamental Type Influences Learning Type Cover Image

Tipul de temperament ne influenteaza în alegerea stilului de învatare
The Temperamental Type Influences Learning Type

Author(s): Mihaela Serban, Elena Florentina Cretu
Subject(s): Social Sciences
Published by: Editura Lumen, Asociatia Lumen
Keywords: temperamental types; choleric; sanguine; phlegmatic; melancholic; learning style; visual; auditory kinesthetic

Summary/Abstract: „Children need to find out how their brain function in order to achieve and process more efficiently new information, what skills are necessary in order to learn, how to approach an exam, how to solve a problem, how different people learn in different ways.” ( Dennis W. Mills, 2002 ) The project’s aim is to identify the connection between the four basic temperamental types (choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic and melancholic type) and the three learning styles (visual, auditory and kinesthetic). Pragmatically speaking, the project also offers an example of implementation of strategies that improve the studying process. The participation at activities based on knowledge of the temperamental types and of the learning strategies contributes to the learning management’s amelioration and to the social and personal children’s development. The personality test (adapted to Gaston Berger’s questionnaire) is applied on a group of ninety participants between 14 and 26 year old. The collecting and processing of the results continues with a questionnaire adapted to Linksman, this time referring to the three learning types. After the data have been processed the obtained percentage shows the connections between the four temperamental types and the three learning styles. Ion Neacsu appreciated as being important the fact that education strategy involved the pupil in specific learning situations and adjusted the content to the temperamental peculiarities of the pupil.

  • Issue Year: 2011
  • Issue No: 07
  • Page Range: 355-372
  • Page Count: 18
  • Language: Romanian