Presence and Innerness Cover Image

Prezenţă şi interioritate
Presence and Innerness

Author(s): Ioan Lucian Muntean
Subject(s): Philosophy
Published by: Societatea KRISIS pentru Dialog şi Reflecţie Filosofică
Keywords: semantical opening of the 'presence' concept; differentiation between prae-esse; prae-ens and prae-sensus; Greek idea of parousia; thomist concept of praesentia; mystical notion of presence as Presence of God;

Summary/Abstract: We discuss here the wide semantical opening of the 'presence' concept. First, we mark out the differentiation between prae-esse, prae-ens and prae-sensus. It is not only an etymological distinction, but a conceptual one. We briefly mention the Greek idea of parousia, the thomist concept of praesentia, the bergsonian and the empiricism's trial to determine what the presence really is. Nevertheless, we consider that Heidegger's philosophy accomplishes the concept of presence as he defined it in Sein und Zeit, but rather after 'the turning point', when he grasped it as 'state-of-presence of things-as-presences'. This is the final term of our discussion concerning the philosophical development of this concept. Finally, we outline the mystical notion of presence as Presence of God, the most important concept of the mystical consciousness. Our hypothesis is that the presence keeps up the same steadiness during the two development (the speculative and the mystical one), so it is one of the concepts fitted to draw up together the philosophical consciousness and the mystical one.

  • Issue Year: 1995
  • Issue No: 01
  • Page Range: 12-23
  • Page Count: 12
  • Language: Romanian