Forensic, pharmaceutical and criminalistics examination of the facts of murders committed by women in intoxicated state Cover Image

Судово-фармацевтичне та криміналістичне вивчення фактів убивств, скоєних жінками у стані алкогольного сп’яніння
Forensic, pharmaceutical and criminalistics examination of the facts of murders committed by women in intoxicated state

Author(s): Valeriy V. Shapovalov, Valeriy V. Shapovalov, Victoria Shapovalova, V. Radionova
Subject(s): Criminal Law
Published by: Національний юридичний університет імені Ярослава Мудрого
Keywords: forensic pharmacy; criminalistics; murder; woman; alcohol

Summary/Abstract: In Ukraine from the very beginning people thought, that thewoman is the homemaker, wealth, inheritance, child health and gene pool of thenation, which is the foundation of a healthy family and society. Therefore, from awoman, of her health, the opportunity to realize their aspirations in the implementationof labor and social activities depends on the health of each individual family andsociety as a whole. In recent decades, the role of women has changed: a mother andhomemaker, she has become an active public figure that feels high physical andpsychological pressure.Recent research and publication analysis. According to researches of theSosin I.K., Linsky I.V., Minko A.I., Voloshin P.V., Maruta N.O., Chuev Y.F., MelnikA.V. on the examples of clinical practice proved that the female body is weaker thanmen’s and, unlike the latter, not accustomed to long and excessive abuse of alcohol.That is why addiction to substances among women faster than men's behavior whileintoxicated – aggressive and treatment of female alcoholism and drug addiction arelonger and harder.Paper objective. The aim of the paper was to study the statistical data from theWHO and the Department of Healthcare of Kharkiv Regional State Administrationregarding the incidence of alcoholism among young people in the European Union andthe level of alcohol consumption among women in Ukraine, the study of forensic andpharmaceutical facts concerning the murders committed by women in intoxicated stateand on the examples to show the damage that causes irregular drink of alcohol to thehuman and its associates, generalization of legal acts and proposals to reduce alcoholcirculation and increase the women's access to certain types of drugs.Paper main body. Based on examples from forensic and pharmaceuticalpractice found that women in drunk state commit illegal acts that are criminal offensesresulting in suffering her family and children, and the state holds the social andfinancial burden and severe financial losses aimed at its treatment and medical supplyall legal classification groups. According to the results of forensic and psychiatricresearch by the Linsky I.V., Minko A.I. and Shapovalov Val.V. established causalrelationships and positive relationship between the number of alcoholic psychoses,drug-addicts and the number of crimes committed on the territory of Ukraine ingeneral and in the Kharkiv region in particular. That is, women with signs of alcoholdependence, and continued abusing of the psychoactive substance alcohol are often thevictims or perpetrators of various offenses committed by intoxicated.Conclusions of the research. Forensic and pharmaceutical examination of thefacts of murders committed by women in drunk state based on criminalistics principlesshows that in Ukraine acute problem of female alcoholism. In addition, the problem isacute in the EU and the Middle East, both for men and women. Therefore, its solutionis in the plane of the improvement of legislation to limit access to alcohol for thepopulation of Ukraine as an example of Muslim countries. Experience in othercountries shows the need for amendments to certain laws of Ukraine, which wouldimpose a limitation commercial promotion of alcoholic beverages during the day,namely a ban on the sale from 9.00 pm to 9.00 am; prohibition of placing windows,shelves with alcohol on a trading floors, along with other products, they should beplaced in a secluded room, access to which is restricted to certain categories of people.Also needed the further development of interdisciplinary connections between criminallaw, criminology, medical and pharmaceutical law.

  • Issue Year: 1/2015
  • Issue No: 07
  • Page Range: 28-28
  • Page Count: 26
  • Language: Ukrainian