The Chiprovtsi Events from 1688 – 1690 (Some New Assumptions about the Military Activities of the reaya of Chiprovtsi Region during the 1683–1699 War) Cover Image
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Чипровските събития от 1688–1690 г. (Нови предположения за участието на населението от Чипровско в бойните действия по време на войната на османците срещу Свещената лига (1683–1699))
The Chiprovtsi Events from 1688 – 1690 (Some New Assumptions about the Military Activities of the reaya of Chiprovtsi Region during the 1683–1699 War)

Author(s): Dzheni Ivanova
Subject(s): History, Cultural history, Diplomatic history, Military history, Political history, Modern Age, Special Historiographies:, 17th Century, The Ottoman Empire
Published by: Институт за исторически изследвания - Българска академия на науките
Keywords: Ottoman narrative literature;Chiprovtsi;Yegen Osman Pasha;Imre Thököly;Holy League War;

Summary/Abstract: The war of the Ottomans with the Holy League (1683-1699) causes significant changes in the lives of the Balkan provinces within the Ottoman Empire. An interesting moment in the history of the Empire is the participation of civilians in the armed conflicts between the Habsburgs and the Ottoman armies. The population is drawn into the conflict in various ways both by the Ottoman authorities and by the Habsburg propaganda in the Balkans, and assists both parties. One such moment is the Chiprovtsi uprising, as it is called in the Bulgarian historiography, from 1688. The story about the uprising and, in general, about the fate of the Bulgarian Catholics, had been constructed on the basis of the documentation of the Catholic communities, Christian chronicles from ХVІІІ c, relations of Dubrovnik agents, information by the Habsburg generals and correspondents for the military actions in the Balkans, as well as additions by orthodox priests. Up to that moment, however, the Ottoman sources that represent the point of view of the ruling party regarding the Chiprovtsi events remain almost unknown. The goal of this article is to reveal so far unknown information regarding the crushing of the Chiprovtsi uprising through the point of view of an Ottoman historiography monument from the late 17th – early 18th century. The main story was described by Bakkaloğlu Sarı Hadji Mehmed pasha Defterdar (?–1717) in his story Zubde-i Vekayiat (Important events). The author was for a long time a servant at the financial department in Istanbul in the 1680s and 1690s. In the early18th century he was appointed for the first time as a chief defterdar and he occupied that position several times in his lifetime, and that is why he was popular with his nickname – Defterdar. Some comparisons are also made with other sources from that period and some suggestions are presented regarding the chronological frames of the follow up events in Chiprovtsi region.

  • Issue Year: 2015
  • Issue No: 3-4
  • Page Range: 162-179
  • Page Count: 18
  • Language: Bulgarian