What Really Happened on Zečev Gaj? Cover Image

Šta se zaista desilo na Zečevom gaju?
What Really Happened on Zečev Gaj?

Author(s): Edin Šaković
Subject(s): Military history, Security and defense, Military policy, Transformation Period (1990 - 2010), Peace and Conflict Studies
Published by: Izdavačka kuća »Monos« d.o.o
Keywords: Zečev Gaj; Gračanica; Lendići; Stjepan Polje; Malešići; 1992; 25th May; aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina; Territorial Defense of the RBH; Maneuver Unit of Territorial Defense; defense;

Summary/Abstract: Review on the battles held on 25th May 1992, through the testimonies of the direct participants. In this paper, based on the testimonies of direct participants and other available source materials, the view of the struggle in Zečev Gaj, on the border of Malešići, Stjepan Polje and Lendić, is brought on 25th May, 1992. The mentioned fight represents the first severe conflict between the forces of the Serbian aggressor and the units of the Territorial Defense of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (TO RBH) on the Gračanica area. Through the analysis of the presented data, the author points out that combat operations of the TO RBH units in the wider area of Zečev Gaj on that day did not represent an attack nor even an attempt of the liberation action, but the more spontaneous development of situation that began with aggressor attacks, with artillery and tank support, on the lines of defense of Malešići and Stjepan Polje. Emergency forces, including the Maneuver Unit of TO RBiH, consolidated the line of defense and rejected the aggressor by going out into the field, but because of the mutual incoherence and the lack of coordination, they failed to take the full initiative over the battlefield. In this attempt, on the contrary, there was an invasion in the enemy ambush, in which the Maneuver Unit of TO RBiH suffered heavier losses, which increased by the end of the day as the result of attempts to bring out the killed and injured ones. However, in spite of heavy losses, TO RBiH units have managed to fend off aggressors and a prevent probable attempt of the occupation of Zečev Gaj, as the ideal starting position for the further progress in order to connect the aggressor forces from Ozren and Trebava, which would have the disastrous consequences for the defense of the wider area of Gračanica.

  • Issue Year: 2016
  • Issue No: 43
  • Page Range: 59-80
  • Page Count: 22
  • Language: Bosnian