Independent work on an academic course

Самостоятельная работа по академическому курсу «Рисунок» как профессиональная составляющая творческого потенциала дизайнера
Independent work on an academic course "Picture" as professional constituent of creative potential of designer

Author(s): Olena Brazhnik
Subject(s): Visual Arts
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: picture; design; artistic facilities; independent work; academic discipline; creative potential; methodology; is the system; individual;

Summary/Abstract: Influence of artistic education is examined and, in particular, her component part - independent work from an academic course "Picture" on the professional internalss of future designer, becoming of him creative personality. Research methodology consists in application of scientific and special methods of scientific cognition, is based on the criteria of objectivity and subjective experience, leans against totality of labors of home and foreign specialists. The marked methodological approach allows to analyze useful property of receptions and methods of application structurally-analytical to рисунку and рисунку after imagination, стилізації and interpretations as independent work for the sake of acquisition of skills of the креативного, associative thinking and development of creative potential of designer. The scientific novelty of work consists in expansion of ideas about the value of system, individual, independent work of students in mastering of academic course "Picture ", accenting of programmatic tasks in preparation of design specialists that envisage gobbing of bases of understanding of concepts "formalization" and "стилізація of nature", in fact possessing artistic facilities and ability of the креативного, conceptual thinking is the important constituent of professional preparation of designers. Conclusions. The future urgently needs spare the special attention to creative personality, to look over, and at a necessity, and to change the existent theory of studies, that must be aimed at forming of active, responsible, strong personality apt at саморозвитку and selfrealization. Actuality of problem of mastering of academic course "Picture " due to system independent work of students is included in the number of major in a study artistic disciplines.

  • Issue Year: 2017
  • Issue No: 31
  • Page Range: 180-189
  • Page Count: 10
  • Language: Ukrainian