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Youthification in the Metropolitan Area of Cluj
Youthification in the Metropolitan Area of Cluj

Author(s): Vlad Cocheci, Andrei Mitrea
Subject(s): Regional Geography
Keywords: youthification; young adults; housing; demography

Summary/Abstract: This research exercise aims to identify all areas affected by whatis now known as ‘youthification’ in the Metropolitan Area of Cluj. Broadlyspeaking, an area touched by youthification witnesses a massive arrival ofyoung adults, who invest in housing, but only remain there until they age.Youthification is usually the second phase within an encompassing processof gentrification. To gain a clearer picture of this phenomenon, weemployed a snapshot of the situation recorded by the Population andHousing Census of 2011. Using this image as a starting point, we thenapplied statistical thresholds aimed at measuring the presence andintensity of youthification within different areas. Thereafter, we looked atareas exhibiting the same level of youthification, in order to find thosecommon traits of their young adult inhabitants that might prove relevantfor their choices in matters of housing. Once completed, our efforts resultedin the first map showing the areas affected by youthification within theMetropolitan Area of Cluj. In addition, we reached the followingconclusion: Young adults who live in the city are more likely to still beenrolled in a form of education and less likely to be married or to havechildren than those who live in the suburbs or in rural areas. Thisobservation implies that there might be some hidden dependency relations,which are at work in shaping the choice of housing.

  • Issue Year: 9/2018
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 121-130
  • Page Count: 10
  • Language: English