Social cultural views of V. P. Filatov, academician in the light of unknown documents of the state defence bodies (the 140-th anniversary of the scientist’s birth) Cover Image

Соціокультурні погляди академіка В.П.Філатова у світлі невідомих документів радянських спецслужб (до 140-ї річниці з дня народження вченого)
Social cultural views of V. P. Filatov, academician in the light of unknown documents of the state defence bodies (the 140-th anniversary of the scientist’s birth)

Author(s): Dmitriy Vedeneev, Vyacheslav Vedeneev
Subject(s): Recent History (1900 till today), Government/Political systems, Security and defense, Health and medicine and law, Sociology of Culture, Eastern Orthodoxy
Published by: Національна академія керівних кадрів культури і мистецтв
Keywords: cultural values; social and cultural views; religious beliefs; the organization of the science; repressions;

Summary/Abstract: On the basis of known operational broad scientific public documents of the Soviet state security highlights the socio-cultural world views and features prominent ophthalmologist scientist and public figure, academician VP Filatov. Based on the evidence of the scientist studied the place of the Orthodox faith in the system of professional, cultural and ethical beliefs and activities organizer renowned surgeon and medical science in Ukraine. Vladimir Filatov (10/27/1875 p. – 10.30.1956 g.) Academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian entered the history of medicine as prominent ophthalmologist, physicians, surgeon, researcher and innovator, educator and founder of solid scientific eye school, aut over 460 scientific papers. He was born in province of Penza, and linked life and productive activities of medical Ukraine, in 1903 until his death working in Odessa. Tireless work of the world-renowned scientist was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor, State (Stalin)Prize in the field of science and technology, a number of awards, including the Order of the Patriotic War, combat and degree for labor in emergency hospital during the confrontation with Nazi aggression, large gold Mechnikov medal. It was founded in 1946 "ophthalmologic journal". He was elected a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of 4 convocations (since 1938). Now the name of the scientist is Research Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy named after Filatov Sciences of Ukraine, which he created and led the stretch in 1936. Against the background of significant scientific works on research activities and major milestones biography V.P.Filatova remains virtually unexplored range of social and cultural values and philosophical views of the scientist. Meanwhile, we found recently in the archives of the secret intelligence materials serve as a productive source for playback comprehensive intellectual biography of academician Filatov, contain a lot of information about the spiritual, cultural, moral, intellectual world prominent scientist. In addition to Soviet reality nonconformist views on problems of political life, the scientist played the original carrier of the socio-cultural attitudes, looking busy solving complex cultural and ethical issues related to the ratio of the spiritual world, personal manners and proper professional and social activities. However, only now the attention of researchers are beginning to attract sociocultural view this extraordinary figure who harmoniously combined selfless service to rescue people with active social work, participation in the life of the Orthodox Church, classes in painting and the formation of scientific schools, the participants of which instilled and "Filatov" coordinates cultural and ethical world view. Archives Soviet intelligence suggest large undercover surveillance by relentless V.P.Filatovym academician, his professional and personal environment, which was due as clearly anti-communist convictions and religious scholar, and its weight in the scientific and public life, aspirations to foreign intelligence research TECHNOLOGICAL development scientist. These documents are interrogation V.Filatova, serve as productive (although biased, specific) source study his biography and activities established the Research Center of Ophthalmology. Despite ideological differences, outstanding ophthalmologist created the right conditions and protection from arbitrary repressive system, with simultaneous half insulation of international scientific cooperation. An outstanding scientist and physician, being a deeply religious, traditionalist conservative-minded in ideological and spiritually, abhorrence took violent rise to power of the Bolsheviks, a bloody civil war and foreign intervention. He is a lifetime concealed his religious beliefs, anticommunist views and sharply critical attitude to socio-political actions of the Soviet government, Stalin's repressions, especially painfully perceived shameful policy of destroying Orthodox Church, militant atheism and brutal destruction of churches, the oppression of freedom of speech and scientific creativity, restrictions scientific ties with foreign colleagues. V.Filatov was a true patriot of his homeland, because for him even incompatible ideological views of official and personal harassment by the authorities have not caused the exile (which he repeatedly offered to interested foreign medical and other institutions). The documents state security recognized that in 1919, in the midst of the Civil War, V. Filatov said those who urged him to evacuate abroad that social revolution was necessary to overthrow the tsarist regime, and he prefers to work at home for the benefit of the people and very indignant those intellectuals fleeing into exile.

  • Issue Year: 2015
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 9-15
  • Page Count: 7
  • Language: Ukrainian