Maurice Paléologue (1859–1944) – The Last French Ambassador in Tsarist Russia Cover Image

Морис Палеолог (1859–1944) – последњи француски амбасадор у царској Русији
Maurice Paléologue (1859–1944) – The Last French Ambassador in Tsarist Russia

Author(s): Biljana Stojić
Subject(s): History, Recent History (1900 till today), Pre-WW I & WW I (1900 -1919)
Published by: Istorijski institut, Beograd
Keywords: Maurice Paléologue; Tsar Nicholas II of Russia; Sergey Sazonov; Miroslav Spalajković; World War I; February revolution; Russia; France; Serbia; Bulgaria.

Summary/Abstract: In January 1914 Maurice Paléologue, a diplomat and writer, was appointed French ambassador in Russia. He spent three years in St Petersburg. In April 1917, when the February revolution changed Russia’s political landscape, Paris recalled him in order to send a new representative, uncompromised with the previous regime. During his mission in Russia, besides his diplomatic duties, Paléologue kept a very detailed diary about the events he witnessed. Before he went to Russia, he did not know much about this land and its people, but nonetheless he was very educated, talented, with a great interest in detail. In his diary he wrote about political and military issues, but also showed greater interest in little known facts about the imperial family, social life in St Petersburg etc. After the war, in 1921 Paléologue collected his notes and published them under the title La Russie des tsars pendant la Grande Guerre. His memories received great attention among French readers. A few years later, his journal was translated and published both in Russian (1923) and English (1925).

  • Issue Year: 2017
  • Issue No: 66
  • Page Range: 477-507
  • Page Count: 31
  • Language: Serbian