Philosophy as Education and/ or Profession Cover Image

Философија као образовање и/или професија
Philosophy as Education and/ or Profession

Author(s): Časlav D. Koprivica
Subject(s): Philosophy, History of ideas, Sociology of Education
Published by: Fakultet političkih nauka Univerziteta u Beogradu
Keywords: philosophy; education; profession; history of ideas; modernity; privacy; Charles Taylor

Summary/Abstract: in this paper we deal with the genesis of philosophy as a matter of education образование (Rus.), Bildung (germ.) in the primordial sense. By that, we imply the fundamental fact that it is about a necessity for human, as being finite, to shape his own Being and his identity through education. That is why philosophy is considered to be a life form in which being, work and service are interwoven. not only does on is getting closer to the truth in conversation with others, by being together with them, but he also has the obligation to share his knowledge with others. By the end of the Middle ages, man’s identity was defined by his profession, since essentially no separate public and private spheres were assumed. This situation changes with the modern age, so that participation in the field of work has primarily instru- mental character, while private realm remains related to identity building. By contrast, philosophy, as the unity of thought, way of life and profession, is distinguished as a ”case” transcending the mentioned epochal and struc tural divisions.

  • Issue Year: 2017
  • Issue No: 18
  • Page Range: 9-24
  • Page Count: 16
  • Language: Serbian