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The Testimony

Author(s): Baruch Milch
Subject(s): History, Political history, Social history, Recent History (1900 till today), Special Historiographies:, Fascism, Nazism and WW II, History of the Holocaust
Published by: Ośrodek KARTA
Keywords: Jews; Jew; ghetto; Holocaust; Nazist; Nazism; Podole
Summary/Abstract: A thrilling testimony of a Jewish doctor, direct witness of the Holocaust, who lost almost all his loved ones and spent 9 months hidden in an attic of the house inhabited by a Polish family. His testimony was written while hiding in Tłuste (today’s Ukraine) in 1943–44. Significant part of the memoirs is devoted to his prewar life and the situation of young Polish Jews in the 1930s. The part of the book related to the war time reflects the cruelty of aggressors and complicated relations between Jewish, Polish and Ukrainian people in the small cities of Podole region.

  • Page Count: 339
  • Publication Year: 2012
  • Language: Polish