Human Rights in the Shadow of Nationalism Serbia 2002 Cover Image

Human Rights in the Shadow of Nationalism Serbia 2002
Human Rights in the Shadow of Nationalism Serbia 2002

Contributor(s): Sonja Biserko (Editor), Ivana Damjanović (Translator), Dragan Novaković (Translator), Ivan Obradović (Translator)
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, Politics, History, Social Sciences, Law, Constitution, Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Political Theory, Sociology, Recent History (1900 till today), Government/Political systems, Politics and society, Social differentiation, Nationalism Studies, Transformation Period (1990 - 2010), Ethnic Minorities Studies, Social Norms / Social Control
Published by: Helsinški odbor za ljudska prava u Srbiji
Keywords: Serbia; nationalism; human rights; politics; democracy; 2002; omnibus law; government; Hague Tribunal; federal law; Vojvodina; human rights; minority groups;
Summary/Abstract: The year 2002 is regarded by many as a year lost because nearly all of the political capital gained on 5 October 2000 was squandered: the coalition which had brought about the downfall of Slobodan Milošević bogged down in futile infighting and was becoming its own chief obstacle. Having been established for the specific purpose of ousting Milošević, the Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS) nevertheless went on to shoulder the formidable task of transition, a burden its heterogeneous political makeup proved ill-equipped to bear. For all the enthusiasm which characterized the political situation in 2001, it became clear that the prevailing concept of democracy as a multi-party system devoid of proper institutions and the rule of law alone could not change the general political atmosphere in the country weighed down by the Milošević legacy, institutions mired in old attitudes and methods, and resistance to reform. The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia – now Serbia and Montenegro – was not admitted to the Council of Europe, nor did the DOS leaders’ promises of an association agreement with the EU materialize. Consequently, there was no appreciable headway in the domain of human rights.

  • Print-ISBN-10: 86-7208-073-4
  • Page Count: 425
  • Publication Year: 2003
  • Language: English