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Prawo Rzymskie w pracach Marcelego Chlamtacza
Roman Law in the scholarly output of the Marceli Chlamtacz

Author(s): Grzegorz Nancka
Subject(s): Law, Constitution, Jurisprudence, History of Law
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Keywords: Roman law; Marceli Chlamtacz; history of Roman law
Summary/Abstract: This dissertation aims to answer the question of whether Marceli Chlamtacz may be considered a scholar who made a significant contribution to the development of Roman Law studies and if so, why he is not as well remembered as other Polish Romanists of his time. The dissertation presents not just the silhouette of Marceli Chlamtacz, but also – most importantly – his scientific output. Furthermore, an attempt has been made in the dissertation to determine whether Marceli Chlamtacz treated research into Roman Law as a dogmatic analysis of specific legal institutions detached from his times, or whether he considered it as a means to understand and shape the law of his own times. The dissertation presents also Chlamtacz’s scientific relations with other Roman Law scholars. The dissertation encompasses an introduction, four chapters, and a conclusion. The first chapter presents a biography of Marceli Chlamtacz. It illustrates not just his road to earning his professorship in Roman Law, but also describes the period of his life that was devoted to the city of Lviv, whose devoted citizen he was. This chapter furthermore presents an analysis of his didactic activity and outlines the thematic scope of his lectures and issues discussed therein. The second chapter concentrates on Marceli Chlamtacz’s academic output in the field of property law. This part of the dissertation discusses his work on traditio in Roman law, based on which he was granted his venia docendi in Roman Law. Moreover, it presents a detailed analysis of Chlamtacz’s works on profits, focusing not just on his own output, but also on its reviews. The chapter closes with an analysis of the scholar’s other works, less closely related to Roman Law. The third chapter encompasses an analysis of Marceli Chlamtacz’s works on liabilities and obligations. It focuses on his habilitation lecture on contractual penalty, and his dissertations on guarantees, real contracts and means of redress. It also discusses his shorter works, such as entries published in Encyklopedia Podręczna Prawa Prywatnego [Compact Encyclopaedia of Private Law], as well as other articles. This chapter furthermore includes an analysis of reviews of M. Chlamtacz’s works. Chapter four offers an analysis of reviews and review articles by Marceli Chlamtacz. These works have been divided into thematic categories encompassing the history of Roman Law, procedure and personal law, property law, law of liabilities and obligations, inheritance law, and other works.

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  • Page Count: 278
  • Publication Year: 2019
  • Language: Polish