From the inspiration of the Ministry… — the zeszyty naukowe brochures of higher education institutions (1953—1958) Cover Image
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Z inspiracji Ministerstwa... — zeszyty naukowe szkół wyższych (1953—1958)
From the inspiration of the Ministry… — the zeszyty naukowe brochures of higher education institutions (1953—1958)

Author(s): Dorota Degen
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Summary/Abstract: In 1953 Państwowe Wydawnictwo Naukowe joined the publishing of the zeszytynaukowe brochures of higher education institutions and, thus, a „trend” for centralizationand unification, also within academic publications, started, inspired by the authorities at thattime (represented by the Ministry of Higher Education).Series of zeszyty naukowe brochures became a common phenomenon. In the name oftaking care of a proper development of young research workers, the zeszyty naukowe brochuresremained in the structures of all Polish higher education institutions. According tothe assumptions approved of, they were to serve a young academic staff, giving a possibilityof coming into being on a broader forum and constitute a proof of life of particular academiccentres. In the beginning, the editorial committees of the zeszyty naukowe brochures wereformed in technical universities. A year later universities were included, whereas in 1955 agriculturistand economic institutions.The zeszyty naukowe brochures as a new type of academic publication were stronglypromoted till 1956, however, because of the lack of a coherent idea of their functioning, theyquickly became the object of criticism due to the lack of the appropriate mechanisms of theirexchange and a rational edition policy. The became a reflection of a harmful, expensive andlittle-effective publishing centralization in science for a short period of time. The form of thezeszyty naukowe brochures was undergoing changes, but they always constituted an indispensableelement of a publishing landscape of the Polish science. Currently, the very typeof publication can be an extremely interesting subject of research, not only for the researchersof the postwar book market.

  • Page Range: 127-138
  • Page Count: 12
  • Publication Year: 2012
  • Language: Polish