Religion and ethnicity Greek Catholics in Upper Silesia Cover Image
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Religia i etniczność Grekokatolicy na Górnym Śląsku
Religion and ethnicity Greek Catholics in Upper Silesia

Author(s): Bożena Pactwa
Subject(s): Sociology
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Keywords: religion; ethnicity; national identity; Greek Catholic Church
Summary/Abstract: The article describes the relationship between religion and ethnicity. Based on theGreek Catholic community living in Upper Silesia, the author presents possible linksbetween these two categories and searches empirical examples. The parish in Katowiceand Gliwice called ethnic parish, because in addition to religious functions it performsalso a social function, by which it is possible to keep the faithful national and ethnicidentity. Parish integrates members of the community, mediates the socio‑culturalpracticesaimed at preserving national traditions and patriotic, cherishes the memory of thepast and is a space behavior of the Ukrainian language.