Human Rights of Migrants in Republic of Serbia in Time of Crisis Cover Image

Ljudska prava migranata u vreme krize
Human Rights of Migrants in Republic of Serbia in Time of Crisis

Author(s): Dejan Pavlović
Subject(s): Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Migration Studies
Published by: Fakultet političkih nauka Univerziteta u Beogradu
Summary/Abstract: Treatment of the refugees and asylum seekers can become be a challenge for any state, particularly for fragile states with relatively weak economies and insufficient institutional capacities. The war in Syria caused a significant flow of refugees and asylum seekers from that region, which stirred the foundations of humanity across Europe, indicating that EU could become fortress like. There are alarming trends in border controls and prison-like treatment of the illegal migrants. The detention centers offer poor living conditions and there is wide spread malpractice of expulsion of asylum seekers without proper asylum procedures or in disrespect of the non-refoulmant principle of the public international law. Republic of Serbia is in a complex situation that requiring careful monitoring of external and internal migration flows. There is already a significant number of refugees and Internally displaced peoples (IDPs) as a legacy from the conflicts related to the dissolution of Yugoslavia. The general socio-economic situation is fragile and not helpful for the formulation of a clear and coherent migration policy. The management of migrations in Serbia is also an issue within the process of the EU accession, under Chapter 24 (Justice, Freedom and Security). The key human rights issues in the context of migrations are the reception conditions for the asylum seekers, in particular, those belonging to the vulnerable groups, and collective rejections without due process.

  • Page Range: 137-147
  • Page Count: 11
  • Publication Year: 2015
  • Language: Serbian