The Reflection of Fundamental Security Policy Documents in Practice Cover Image

Reflexia základných bezpečnostnopolitických dokumentov v praxi
The Reflection of Fundamental Security Policy Documents in Practice

Author(s): Miroslav Kysel
Subject(s): Politics, International relations/trade, Security and defense
Published by: Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association (RC SFPA)
Keywords: Slovakia; 2005; security policy; documents; reflection; NATO; EU; AFSR; UN;
Summary/Abstract: Active participation of Slovak Armed Forces (AF SR) in international peace missions for peacekeeping, preserving security, crisis management and fighting against terrorism is one of the main components of the foreign and security policy of the Slovak Republic since her formation in 1993. The number of active members of the AF SR in peace missions as well as the international organization in charge reflected the current foreign policy ambitions and interests of Slovakia. In the first years of its existence as a sovereign state, Slovakia’s peace missions under UN command dominated foreign participation of the AF SR. The ambitions of Slovakia to become a member of the European union, but especially NATO, called for a need of participation in missions under the command of the Alliance. After the 1998 parliamentary elections, an increase in the number of armed forces members in peace missions was ordered as well as the successive re-evaluation of the activities in individual operations and missions, with primary emphasis on operations under NATO command. Active participation in operations under its command was to serve as a demonstration of Slovakia’s preparedness to become a full member of the Alliance. In accordance with its capacities, Slovakia participated in observing and monitoring missions under EU command and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) respectively. The alteration of the security environment due to the events after 11 September 2001 and particularly the accession of Slovakia into NATO and the EU raised a need to prepare and accept new security policy documents to replace the Security Strategy of the Slovak Republic 2001, Defense Strategy of the Slovak Republic 2001 and Military Strategy of the Slovak Republic 2001. The new security policy (strategic security) documents, the Security Strategy of the Slovak Republic and Defense Strategy of the Slovak Republic, were enacted in 20051 . Both are linked to the NATO Strategic Concept and the European Security Strategy by content as well as by method.

  • Page Range: 39-49
  • Page Count: 11
  • Publication Year: 2006
  • Language: Slovak