Ethnic Identity of Serbs in Temisoara Cover Image

Етнички идентитет Срба y Темишвару
Ethnic Identity of Serbs in Temisoara

Author(s): Mirjana Pavlović
Subject(s): Cultural Anthropology / Ethnology, Ethnic Minorities Studies, Identity of Collectives
Published by: Етнографски институт САНУ
Keywords: ethnic identities; situational approach; symbols of ethnicity; multinational environment;
Summary/Abstract: The Serbs in Temisoara constitute an ethnic/national community of minority type, characterized by a rich history o f centuries-long existence in the multi-ethnic setting of a country neighboring to their fatherland, and by a multitude of present-day problem s faced in the state hit by social and political transition. Through the use of symbolic and functional analysis, the paper undertakes to provide an explanation and interpretation as to how and why the Temisoara Serbs have formed, preserved, and expressed their ethnic identity, and to survey the forms and facts of its manifestations in the past and in the present. A contemporary concept of ethnicity/ethnic identity, whose accent is on the situation approach, on the subjective dimension, on the symbolic character, but also on the combined cultural and social aspects of ethnic communion or diversity, represents undoubtedly the most appropriate view point. The focus o f research is, consequently, on indicators and symbols (language, faith, traditional customs, norms and values, food, music, etc.) of the actual or imagined compatibility or heterogeneousness in the we-they relations and along the line of ethnic boundaries.

  • Page Range: 339-348
  • Page Count: 10
  • Publication Year: 2003
  • Language: Serbian