State of Rule of Law - Condition for Joining the European Integrations Cover Image

Правна држава - услов укључивања у европске интеграције
State of Rule of Law - Condition for Joining the European Integrations

Author(s): Dragan Bataveljić, Srđan Nikezić
Subject(s): EU-Accession / EU-DEvelopment, EU-Legislation
Published by: Правни факултет Универзитета у Источном Сарајеву
Keywords: Political system;Rule of law;Organization of authority;Political criterion;Principles;Institutions;Criteria;Copenhagen;European Union;
Summary/Abstract: The authors in the paper indicate that modern society increasingly experiences politicization of the wholeness of the political being, so that the political system increasingly goes beyond the social system considering that the modern politics appears in each pore of the society. How-ever, the essence of the paper is the fact that joining the European integrations and entering the European Union for the candidate countries can be provided only by the political system of the state of law. For providing such a system it is necessary to establish and obey certain principles and the institution of the state of rule of law. Also, in this modest paper the authors wanted to give appropriate answers in the shortest possible way, considering that the constitutionality, legality and especially the state of law are nowadays very often mentioned in public conversation and that there are numerous obscurities and doubts related to those categories.