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Participation of women in Ukrainian politics
Participation of women in Ukrainian politics

Author(s): Olena Zakharova, Anatoliy Oktysiuk, Svetlana Radchenko
Subject(s): Politics, Gender Studies, Government/Political systems, Social Norms / Social Control
Published by: МЦПД Міжнародний центр перспективних досліджень
Summary/Abstract: The aim of the research is to carry out the analysis of actions taken by Ukrainian political parties in order to increase the level of women involvement in the policies development and to identify the main challenges at the interparty and cross-party levels. The reforms which are carried out in Ukraine after the Revolution of Dignity offer significant opportunities for the implementation of the best European and international practices in the field of gender equality. In particular,amendments to the electoral legislation pertaining to introduction of gender quotas offer the opportunities for increased involvement of women in political activity. On-going constitutional process makes it possible to incorporate the principles of gender equality in a new draft of the Constitution of Ukraine. The EU-Ukraine Association Agreement envisages implementation of a number of EU directives pertaining to non-discrimination and gendere quality in Ukrainian legislation and daily practice. Administrative reform allows to raise the issue of vertical gender segregation in the state executive bodies. Local government reforms and decentralization process provide anopportunity to promote gender equality mechanism at the level of regions, districts, individual settlements, and amalgamated communities.

  • Page Count: 30
  • Publication Year: 2017
  • Language: English