№06 Judiciary in Kosovo: Administration in Disarray Cover Image

№06 Judiciary in Kosovo: Administration in Disarray
№06 Judiciary in Kosovo: Administration in Disarray

Author(s): Author Not Specified
Subject(s): Criminal Law, Civil Law, Law and Transitional Justice, Court case
Published by: BPRG Balkans Policy Research Group
Keywords: Prosecution services; court administration; judicial independence; judicial digitalization; Corruption in the Judiciary; Rule of Law; Case management;
Summary/Abstract: This report presents an overview of the state of the rule of law and the judiciary in Kosovo, divided into two parts. The first section gives an overview of the key challenges to the effective rule of law, with a focus governance of the judiciary. It delves into the structure and role of the monitoring bodies of courts and prosecution services, the state of judicial independence, and the mechanisms for transparency and accountability. It then moves onto practical issues, such as disciplinary procedures, structures to curb corruption and training and capacity building systems. The section finishes with an overview of the judicial integration of the north of Kosovo, the efforts to reduce the backlog and the Functional Review of the Rule of Law. Equally important, the second section addresses court administration and the performance of the administrative staff. It reviews the size and structure of the courts, the budget of the judicial sector, the effects of the wider education system on the judiciary, the status of the Administration, the existing rules for hiring and performance evaluation, and the decentralization process. The section closes with an analysis of the ongoing judicial digitalization.

  • Page Count: 38
  • Publication Year: 2019
  • Language: English