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Studia Śląskie
Silesian Studies

Publishing House: Państwowy Instytut Naukowy - Instytut Śląski w Opolu
Subject(s): History, Social Sciences
Frequency: 2 issues
Print ISSN: 0039-3355
Status: Active

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Short Description

Silesian Studies is a main periodical published by the Governmental Research Institute – Silesian Institute in Opole and Silesian Institute Society. It claims to be one of the oldest interdisciplinary scientific journals in Poland. Initially, i.e. between 1949 and 1952, the early volumes were published as supplementary issues of The Western Review. Professor Seweryn Wysłouch was the one of the Silesian Studies founders. Within years, he gathered a group of young people who defined the field of researches for Silesian history. Among his followers we can enumerate such persons as, Karol Jonca, Kazimierz Orzechowski, and Franciszek Ryszka. Wrocław’s Branch of the Western Institute was defunct in 1953. Then the Silesian researches were centralised within the Silesian Department of Polish Academy of Sciences. The idea of publishing a journal in the field for the newest political and socioeconomical history, and national problems, and history of system and legal issues of Silesia between the 19th and the 20th century, was continued by prof. S. Wysłouch after founding, the Silesian Institute in Opole in 1957. The journal was reestablished within the Institute, and another followers interested in different Silesian affairs were forming the staff of the journal. After prof. S. Wysłouch’s, the function of chief editors was hold by professor Józef Kokot, professor Karol Jonca, professor Wiesław Lesiuk, Ph. D. habil. Stanisław Senft, and since the end of 2012 by Ph.D. Bernard Linek. Over the years, the frequency of publishing has changed, i.e. it had a status of a semiannual or an annual. Since 2013, the idea of publishing two issues per year was resume. Nowadays, factual, political, and sociological and other issues concerning Silesia defined across its historical borders can be presented in Silesian Studies’ columns. Within the journal, we can find the articles by researchers from Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic concerning regions, ethnic minorities and national issues in the Central Europe. Individual volumes have their regular structure including two parts, i.e. Studies and Materials and Contributions. Since 2010, the new part entitled Reviews was founded. It concerns longer critiques and details about research projects related to Silesian matters and other forms of the scientists’ activity. Some of the volumes are published as monographs devoted to the selected problems related to the present and the past of the contemporary Silesia.