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Keresztény Szó
Christian Word

Publishing House: VERBUM Keresztény Kulturális Egyesület
Subject(s): Theology and Religion
Frequency: 12 issues
Print ISSN: 1220-630X
Status: Active

  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • Issue No. 01/XXII
  • Issue No. 02/XXII
  • Issue No. 03/XXII
  • Issue No. 04/XXII
  • Issue No. 05/XXII
  • Issue No. 06/XXII
  • Issue No. 07/XXII
  • Issue No. 08/XXII
  • Issue No. 09/XXII
  • Issue No. 10/XXII
  • Issue No. 11/XXII
  • Issue No. 12/XXII
  • Issue No. 01/XXIII
  • Issue No. 02/XXIII
  • Issue No. 03/XXIII
  • Issue No. 04/XXIII
  • Issue No. 05/XXIII
  • Issue No. 07/XXIII
  • Issue No. 01/XXVII
  • Issue No. 02/XXVII
  • Issue No. 03/XXVII
  • Issue No. 04/XXVII
  • Issue No. 05/XXVII
  • Issue No. 06/XXVII
  • Issue No. 07/XXVII
  • Issue No. 08/XXVII
  • Issue No. 09/XXVII
  • Issue No. 10/XXVII
  • Issue No. 11/XXVII
  • Issue No. 12/XXVII
  • Issue No. 01/XXVIII
  • Issue No. 02/XXVIII
  • Issue No. 03/XXVIII
  • Issue No. 04/XXVIII
  • Issue No. 05/XXVIII
  • Issue No. 06/XXVIII
  • Issue No. 07/XXVIII
  • Issue No. 08/XXVIII
  • Issue No. 09/XXVIII
  • Issue No. 01/XXIX
  • Issue No. 02/XXIX
  • Issue No. 03/XXIX
  • Issue No. 04/XXIX
  • Issue No. 05/XXIX
  • Issue No. 06/XXIX
  • Issue No. 10/XXIX
  • Issue No. 11/XXIX
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Short Description

The monthly periodical named Keresztény Szó (Christian Word) was founded in 1990, initially as a weekly journal of the Catholics from Transylvania. In 1991 it became a cultural Catholic monthly paper. From the very beginnings, it contained theological articles, translations of the important articles published in foreign languages, thus presenting the new results in the international theological research. We have also published articles on sociology, philosophy, history, philology, anthropology and psycho-pedagogy, thus becoming a firm base for the Catholic intellectuals in Romania (of Hungarian minority). We wish to present the different tendencies of the Catholic, religious world, as well as their interpretation. We make an effort to publish the theological articles of the young scholars, students, as well as university teachers from the Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Roman Catholic Theology. We are proud of the fact that our periodical is an interdisciplinary one, contrary to the other Hungarian Catholic journals in Romania that are publishing only theological papers.