On Certain Features of Scientific and Fiction Texts Cover Image

Об отдельных чертах научного и художественного текстов
On Certain Features of Scientific and Fiction Texts

Author(s): Alexander Syrkin
Subject(s): Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, Theory of Literature, Stylistics
Keywords: scientific texts; fiction texts; features; syntax; semantics; morphology;

Summary/Abstract: The present paper treats scientific and fiction texts from the standpoint of regularity of relations among units of "plan de contenu" and "plan d'expression". Scientific text is characterised by obligatory semantic regularity of relations among units of "plan de contenu", which does not allow for any arbitrary interpretation, and by optional morphological regularity among units of "plan d'expression". Fiction text on the contrary possesses optional semantic regularity within "plan de contenu", which makes possible a non-unique interpretation, and obligatory morphological regularity within "plan d'expression". The violation of the obligatory relations leads in both cases to the destruction of the text as a sample of a given type. Further study of these features seems desirable since it would be closely connected with the study of such essential problems as non-contradictoriness of a scientific description, the nature of aesthetic effect, evolution in science and arts, the problem of translatability, intermediate types of texts, etc.

  • Issue Year: 2/1965
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 84-88
  • Page Count: 5
  • Language: Russian