The Teaching Profession. Aspects of Gender Equality in School Cover Image
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Učiteľské povolanie. Aspekty rodovej rovnosti v škole
The Teaching Profession. Aspects of Gender Equality in School

Author(s): Jarmila Filadelfiová
Contributor(s): Jana Cviková (Editor), Jana Juráňová (Editor)
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Gender Studies, Education, Sociology, School education
Published by: ASPEKT
Keywords: gender; Slovakia; Gender Sensitization in the Educational Process; Elementary and Secondary Schools in Slovakia; Job Desegregation; gender equality issues in education;
Summary/Abstract: As concerns math, I would say their performance is also about the same, because girls catch up due to their hard work. But boys are smarter at math. Girls catch up with them because they learn. So the final effect is the same. (female teacher, broader consensus)" While in many countries gender equality issues in education have been studied for several decades, in Slovakia these issues have only recently started attracting more attention. nonetheless, knowledge of gender equality in education based on systematic research is a necessary precondition for formulation of inclusive educational policies that would not leave out a single girl or boy. It is therefore important to gain insight into the overall situation of teachers as well as their behavior and attitudes towards their pupils. Interviews with teachers that are the main part of this research indicated that many gender inequalities survive in schools in Slovakia: high feminization of the teaching profession has an impact on a low social prestige of the profession and its low financial remuneration. Just like abroad, also in Slovakia teachers treat boys and girls differently and approach them with different expectations. Give the almost universal dominance of gender stereotypes also in the school setting these differences often remain hidden. It is therefore important to heighten gender sensitivity of teachers and to increase their competence in gender sensitive education and issues of gender equality. However, in order to achieve higher gender sensitivity of teachers it is also important to foster change in their social status, remuneration, working conditions and gender balance of the profession. (by the Editor)

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-80-85549-79-9
  • Page Count: 152
  • Publication Year: 2008
  • Language: Slovak