Historiography of Tuzla and Tuzla’s region, relating to modern times, created between 2001. and 2018. Cover Image

Historiografija o Tuzli i Tuzlanskom kraju,1 koja se odnosi na novi vijek i savremeno doba, nastala u vremenu 2001–2018. godine
Historiography of Tuzla and Tuzla’s region, relating to modern times, created between 2001. and 2018.

Author(s): Izet Šabotić
Subject(s): Political history, Recent History (1900 till today), Government/Political systems, Higher Education , 19th Century, The Ottoman Empire, Source Material, Peace and Conflict Studies
Published by: Akademija Nauka i Umjetnosti Bosne i Hercegovine
Keywords: Tuzla; historiography; Tuzla region; Ottoman period; Austro-Hungarian period; period between two world wars; period of the Second World War; socialist period; synthesis; monograph; study; article;
Summary/Abstract: In the last two decades (2001–2018), there has been a more intensive development of historiography in the area of Tuzla Canton. This was especially contributed by the Department of History of the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Tuzla, but also by other institutions, as well as individuals. Department of History since its founding in 1993/1994. made a significant contribution to the development of historiography, and especially to the study of the history of Tuzla and the region. Historiography relating to Tuzla surrounding region has undergone some transformation in this period, in the sense that a significant step towards a more systematic study of the past of Tuzla and its region has been made. This applies especially to modern period. Topics from these periods have attracted the attention of a significant number of historians as well as researchers in other scientific fields. Therefore, we considered it important to indicate in this paper what has been studied and what has been written, what is the relation between historiography and other scientific disciplines, and what has been achieved in the study of the past of Tuzla and the region. During the period (2000–2018), dozens of historiographical and other works related to this area were written and published. They were published in the form of information-factorial reconstructions, reviews, monographs, syntheses, as well as numerous articles, discussions and contributions with various topics related to events, processes and phenomena from the mentioned periods of Tuzla’s past. These are works of unequal scientific reach. Some represent an important step towards more relevant illumination of the past of Tuzla and the region, while others are scarce with valid data on the same, and especially the methodological approach, to the issues addressed. Interpretations and evaluations in some historiographical works have been drawn from the rich treasury of archives, which is presented for the first time to the scientific public, while other works are the result of the analysis of sources of political, economic, statistical and normative character that were already published.

  • Page Range: 127-160
  • Page Count: 34
  • Publication Year: 2020
  • Language: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian