Road infrastructure problems and how to deal with them Cover Image

Road infrastructure problems and how to deal with them
Road infrastructure problems and how to deal with them

Author(s): Velizara Kaleva
Subject(s): Economy, National Economy
Published by: Сдружение „Академия за иновации и устойчивост“
Keywords: infrastructure; transport; development
Summary/Abstract: Every day big cities worldwide face major infrastructure problems. The subject of current paper focuses on the ways of dealing with these problems and improving the safety of the roads. Roads are critical component of every city’s transportation infrastructure. It is a key element for economic growth and development. The efficient infrastructure guarantees the trouble-free movement of people, goods and services and also attracts centers of production and consumption. It also enables a better connection between regions. However a numerous cities worldwide face some major infrastructure problems. Governments are struggling to pay for maintenance for aged and deteriorated bridges and roads. Many airports and seaports are in danger of becoming obsolete. The deterioration of existing facilities constrains the economic development. The future challenges are to improve the capability of infrastructures to respond in the best possible way to the increase of transport demand but, at the same time, there is the need of an increased attention and a deeper effort towards both environmental issues and climate change. But actually the true challenge is to target the research towards the discovery of solutions that could help solving both problems.