Values and benefits of tree planting Cover Image

Values and benefits of tree planting
Values and benefits of tree planting

Author(s): Velizara Kaleva
Subject(s): Economy, Energy and Environmental Studies
Published by: Сдружение „Академия за иновации и устойчивост“
Keywords: environment; ecology; economic development; crisis
Summary/Abstract: The subject of the current paper is focused on the economic, ecological and environmental advantages of tree planting and why it is so important to take care of them. We live in tough times. The world is facing economic difficulties. We don’t produce enough to sustain ourselves and we import much more than we export. And it seems that people are unaware of the upcoming crisis. The problems which many ecologists recognize are the many weather changes that are putting us to the test. The climate brings great unpredictability in weather particularly expressed in extremes of hot in summer contrasted by severe cold in winter. Every summer we face violent rainfalls and the costs of damages are too high to pay. Flooding may cost people’s businesses which of course cause human misery. Instead of finding solution to the problem, we are putting pressure on health care services. It is not surprisingly that in times of economic crisis the natural environment suffers. It is easier to pretend that this matter is less of priority to humans but the truth is that we are responsible for preserving and maintaining healthy environment. If we invest in a vibrant and thriving natural environment, we would have the power to regenerate and reinvigorate the local economy.