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Economic Development of Muslim Communities
Economic Development of Muslim Communities

Author(s): Imane Karich
Subject(s): Governance, Public Law, Politics and religion
Published by: CEPS Centre for European Policy Studies
Summary/Abstract: This chapter gives an overview of the current economic development of European Muslim communities and suggests initiatives that could be taken to improve the situation. The exercise was quite challenging since there is an absence of reliable statistics and figures on Muslim communities in Europe. Since 9/11, several subjects have monopolised the main discourses on Muslim communities: the debate around the radicalisation of Muslims, their integration and so-called ‘identity’, their visibility and their necessary adaptation into the host society. In a contemporary Europe characterised by the secularisation and privatisation of religious identity, the presence of Muslim communities claiming their faith is perceived by some as disturbing. On the other hand, socio-economic issues such as unemployment, discrimination and exclusion, while given less attention in the current debate, are at the same time considered to be causes of extremism and terrorism, and by the Muslims themselves as their most important worry for their future. As advocated by some sociologists, it is imperative to get away from the essentialism that dominates reflections on Islam and the Muslim communities in Europe. Pointing to Islam, its practices and ist visibility as the main reason for the problems of integration risks widening the existing gap between this religious minority and the secularised host society. The objective of this study is to investigate what the Muslim community can contribute to the development of society, to look at how religious discourse can help the younger generations identify with success, and how the faith factor can be a success factor for economic integration.

  • Page Range: 62-76
  • Page Count: 15
  • Publication Year: 2007
  • Language: English