UNDP Human Development Report 1997 - BULGARIA Cover Image

UNDP Human Development Report 1997 - BULGARIA
UNDP Human Development Report 1997 - BULGARIA

Author(s): Nikolai Genov, Alexander Dimitrov, Blagovest Georgiev, Dobrin Kanev, Ilona Tomova, Iskra Beleva, Yordan Hristoskov
Subject(s): Politics, Civil Society, Governance, Sociology
Published by: UNDP United Nations Development Programme
Summary/Abstract: It is a real challenge to focus the National Human Development Report Bulgaria 1997 on problems of social inte-gration and cohesion in the current critical stage of the development of Bulgarian society. The country has to over-come the economic, political and cultural effects of protracted reforms carried out with high social costs. Difficult decisions are to be taken and implemented consequently. Facing this extraordinary situation, a team of independent experts attempted to analyse the various dimensions of the disintegrating trends in Bulgarian society. As far as possible, prognostic visions are also aimed at in the Report. Moreover, the authors suggest a variety of solutions to problems which have to be dealt with immediately. They include pro-active measures for preventing excessive economic differentiation, long-term unemployment, corruption. Together with the strengthening of the state institutions, the initiative of individuals and groups is seen as a major force for mobilising resources to cope with the accumulated problems. The ideas of the Report have been discussed in a series of open meetings. The authors could elaborate on their ar-guments taking numerous critical remarks and suggestions into account. Thus the team of authors headed by Prof. Nikolai Genov is much larger than indicated by the imprint. The underlying idea of the proposals for action is that the future of the country is not predetermined. It should be created by the enlightened and responsible efforts of the Bulgarians. The international community will provide the necessary support. Our common aim is to establish the conditions for a sustainable human development in Bulgaria. This means to attain the highest possible level of well-being, of a free and dignified long life for all citizens and for future generations.

  • Page Count: 110
  • Publication Year: 1997
  • Language: English