Homage to significant B&H women and their achievements Cover Image

Omaž BiH ženama od značaja i njihovim dostignućima
Homage to significant B&H women and their achievements

Author(s): Tamara Sarajlić-Slavnić, Vedrana Frašto, Maja Abdomerović, Elma Hodžić, Andrea Dautović, Olga Lalević, Ifeta Lihić, Zlatan Delić, Amina Hujdur
Contributor(s): Šejla Šehabović (Editor)
Subject(s): Gender Studies, Social history, Gender history
Published by: Fondacija CURE
Keywords: Female achievements; Women in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Homage;
Summary/Abstract: Laura Papo Bohoreta, the birthname of Luna, was born in 1891 inSarajevo as the daughter of Judah and Esther Levi. At the end of the 19th and early 20th century she lived in Istanbul,where her entire family moved. There they lived very modestly. Since early childhood, she began to read various books. Later she studied French atthe International French School for Jews (Alliance Israélite Française) in Istanbul.

  • Page Count: 39
  • Publication Year: 2019
  • Language: Bosnian