№1: EU External Energy Policy – Between Market and Strategic Interests Cover Image

№1: EU External Energy Policy – Between Market and Strategic Interests
№1: EU External Energy Policy – Between Market and Strategic Interests

Author(s): Ernest Wyciszkiewicz
Subject(s): Supranational / Global Economy, Governance, Environmental and Energy policy, International relations/trade, Geopolitics
Published by: Polski Instytut Spraw Międzynarodowych
Keywords: European Union; external energy policy; energy market; energy strategy; oil and gas producers; foreign policy;
Summary/Abstract: The EU external energy policy is still in the making and the ultimate outcome is as yet uncertain. The process was launched by the European Commission in 2006 under the catchy slogan “to speak with one voice” on issues regarding relations with the major oil and gas producers, consumers and transit countries. In order to reach this ambitious goal two obvious preconditions will need to be met: (1) achieving genuine coherence between the relatively well-developed internal and the underdeveloped external aspects of energy policy, and (2) overcoming national discrepancies to allow member states to internalize Community objectives and interests. True unity does not depend on intergovernmental political consensus solely. Many technical, physical, economic, regulatory and legal conditions regarding the shape of the energy system and the market have to be met as well. That is why a well-functioning, competitive internal market is seen as a prerequisite for the emergence of a real external energy policy. Equally important is the establishment of an effective common foreign policy within the EU governed by a proper institutional and legal framework. Otherwise, any effort to integrate policies where national interests prevail would inevitably fail. The likely result would be an imitative policy based on the lowest common denominator, and sensitive and troublesome issues would be put aside.

  • Page Count: 5
  • Publication Year: 2008
  • Language: English