Q: How can I participate in CEEOL?

Participating in CEEOL requires a simple registration. Just click the “Register”-button on the right upper top and fill in your details. As a registered user, you are allowed to read and download open access content and you can purchase payable articles and eBooks.

BEFORE starting your registration, we recommend reading of the information here to identify which type of Personal User Account is most convenient for the way how you intend to use CEEOL content.

Q: What payment possibilities are there?

CEEOL implemented the co-operation with PayPal as general payment gateway. You may use this facility to do payments with your credit card(s) (regardless whether you have an individual PayPal account or not) or any method of payment you have chosen as a PayPal user. Your payment credentials, of course, will always remain hidden to CEEOL.

Q: How can I get access to open access content only?

A significant part of content on CEEOL is available in Open Access. This content is marked with the icon. To access and download open access content, you have to be a registered user. Learn more about open access content here.

Q: What are the advantages of CEElect?

CEElect is designed for users who wish regular access to journal content in CEEOL. CEElect offers a one-year access for an annual fee to the entire journal archive in CEEOL and the possibility to download up to 150 articles within a year, selected from the journal content. After this period CEElect can be renewed for another year. If not renewed, the CEElect account is automatically switched to pay-per-download account.