Why a Personal User Account?

Among the visitors of CEEOL and potential users of documents offered there
  • by far not everybody enjoys access to the content in CEEOL as member of a subscribing company or library,
  • and even members of subscribing libraries may find documents of personal interest in CEEOL, that are not part of the content-portfolio their institution has subscribed to and to which their membership provides them free access.
To access such content, CEEOL offers the registration as a Personal User.

Being logged-in to your Personal User Account

  • all Open Access Content can, of course, be accessed and downloaded free of charge
  • for Access to Payable Content, and according to the type of content you mainly would like to use in CEEOL, you are offered the registration of your Personal Account as
    • "Pay-per-Download" account
If you register your Personal User Account in order to use Open Access Documents only, please chose the type "Pay-per-Download". Please note, that you will, of course, not be asked for payment for Open Access documents.

Personal User Account – Type: Pay-per-Download

Regardless what type of payable document you wish to access/download, you have always the possibility to get such access through pay-per-download.

CEEOL implemented the co-operation with PayPal as general payment gateway. You may use this facility to do payments with your credit card(s) or any method of payment you have chosen as a PayPal user offered by PayPal for your country of residence.