On Reality and Directions within Time-Consciousness (Part 1) Cover Image
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За реалността и посоките във времесъзнанието (Част 1)
On Reality and Directions within Time-Consciousness (Part 1)

Author(s): Kosta Bentchev
Subject(s): Philosophy, Social Sciences, Education, Psychology, History of Philosophy, Vocational Education, Adult Education, Higher Education , Educational Psychology, Social psychology and group interaction, Psychology of Self, Behaviorism, Inclusive Education / Inclusion
Published by: Национално издателство за образование и наука „Аз-буки“
Keywords: time; cyclic; linear; source; flow; direction; eternity; order; present; future; past; parts; whole; continuum; discrete; metaphysics; Aristotle; St. Augustine; Leibniz; McTaggart; Heidegger; Russell

Summary/Abstract: This article raises the question concerning the reality of time through the concepts of cyclic vs. linear movement. These concepts are supposed to ground the basic dichotomy that is carried out as an analysis of time-consciousness. So called “segments” of time – past, present and future, are characterized as modalities (necessity, actuality, possibility, contingency) which in their turn are being interpreted as different kinds of parts within some broader complexes that comprise relations between the categories of the similarity and the difference. From this view-point, certain critical remarks are mentioned against the concept of time as being something of a substantial nature while moving from the past through the present and towards the future. At the end of the paper, the question concerning time is related to the traditional themes of Western metaphysics. They are assessed as having their origin in the position rooted in the opposition between continuum and discreteness. This final dichotomy is presented as what has been intended from the very beginning of the exposition under the guise of the initial dichotomy concerning the opposition of cyclic vs. linear movement.

  • Issue Year: 27/2018
  • Issue No: 3
  • Page Range: 261-283
  • Page Count: 23
  • Language: Bulgarian