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Potocki (Jan) – w duetach. (Ze światowcami w aneksie)
Potocki (Jan) – in Duets (with Socialites in an Annex)

Author(s): Janusz Ryba
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies, Studies of Literature, Polish Literature, Theory of Literature
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Keywords: Jan Potocki; salons; Socialites
Summary/Abstract: The book consists of two parts: the first and proper one: „Potocki (Jan) – w duetach” / „Potocki (Jan) – in duets”] and an annex: „Potockiego naturalne „uniwersum”: światowcy” / „Potocki’s universe: the socialites” /. The first, core part is comprised of seven sketches grouped into four sections tackling distinct topics. The first group: „Duety rodzinne” / „Famly duets” / includes the sketches: „Kobiece „société” oświeceniowe: Anna Teresa Potocka” / „The female „société” of the Enlightenment: Anna Teresa Potocka” / and „Kilka uwag o Bernardzie (synu Jana) Potockim” / „A few remarks on Bernard Potocki (the son of Jan)” /. The second group – „Duety towarzyskie” / „High socjety duets” /, includes: „Stanisław August Poniatowski i jego niesforny poddany: Jan Potocki” / „Stanisław August Poniatowski and his naughty subject” / and „Dwaj hrabiowie: Jan Potocki i Edward Raczyński” / „The two counts: Jan Potocki and Edward Raczyński” /. The sketches that fall into the third group – „Uczone duety” / „The Learned Duets” / – are: „Poszukiwacze Prawdy: Blaise Pascal i Jan Potocki” / „The truth seekers: Blaise Pascal and Jan Potocki” / and „Julius Henrich Klaproth: uczeń Jana Potockiego” / „Julius Henrich Klaproth: the student of Jan Potocki” /. The last group, „W duecie ze służącym” / „Duet with the servant” / includes the sketch: „Ibrahim, Turek Jana Potockiego” / „Ibrahim, Jan Potocki’s Turk” /. The annex, „Potockiego naturalne uniwersum: światowcy” / „Potocki’s universe: the socialites” /, includes four articles: „Rozkosze światowców: konwersacja” / „Conversation: The socialites’ delight” /; „Przydomki oświeconych” / „Nicknames of the enlightened” /, «Wachlarz: oświeceniowy „gadżet”» / „The fan – gadget of the Enlightenment” /, and „Sztuka umierania światowców (oświeceniowych)” / „The enlightened socialites’ art of dying” /. What is characteristic of the core part of the volume is the method of characterizing the protagonist, that is depicting him as compared/confronted with another (real) character; (thus the title: „Potocki in duets”). The sketches included in the annex in turn mostly tackle the customs and fads of the high society milieu wherein Potocki lived and created, consequently, it is the part where the four vibrant characteristics of the ways of the high society of the Enlightenment have been discussed: the culture of the conversation, the custom of giving men of fashion nicknames (glamorous, graceful, ingenious ones), the women’s habit of ceaseless fanning, and the cosmopolites’ inclination towards scheming meticulously the scenarios and circumstances of leaving this world. The author’s intention was to combine and present the above not unlike a colorful fresco depicting the culture of the Enlightenment – with Jan Potocki as its main protagonist.

  • E-ISBN-13: 978-83-226-3383-0
  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-83-226-3382-3
  • Page Count: 182
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: Polish