Contemporary Economic Changes and the Development of Democratic Processes Cover Image

Савремене економске промене и развој демократских процеса
Contemporary Economic Changes and the Development of Democratic Processes

Author(s): Sreten Sokić
Subject(s): Government/Political systems, International relations/trade, Economic development, Politics and Identity
Published by: Институт за политичке студије
Keywords: State; Economy; Democracy; Political institutions in Serbia; International integrations;

Summary/Abstract: The latest modern international routes of development of democracy carry with them an objective process of unification, and subjective process of disunification. There is the fullness of political and, primarly, economic interdependence. Those synthesized inevitability of tendency of capital, which are unbounded prosperity and track of progress. Processes of modern state must be accompanied by an adequate development of democracy. Of course, with special concept of mastering countries and regions. Conflicts or national unity opportunities and international views and barriers adjusment of international. All societies are „the international background of“ necessary adjustments which, very often openly, imposes certain geo-strategic interests. Not rarely, and world capital flows and their open conflict with national identity. Civilization, at the same time, striving for more developed democracy, market economy, and appropriate role of the state. This trend inevitability followed by Serbia. Capacity and facilities of existing institutions in our country are far away from reality of dominant contemporary democratic forms. Even further of those forms and contents which are assumption of modernity and future. Hence the scientific research activities within the project „Democratic and national capacity of political institutions in Serbia within the framework of international integrations“ (num. 179009), in the next five years, special task to critically reassess democratic development opportunities with the improvement of basic facilities of reforms to contemporarity. This paper is a theoretical form of pointing out the key issues and dilemmas of direct interdependence of economy and democracy and the importance of the state in them.

  • Issue Year: 2011
  • Issue No: 4
  • Page Range: 215-235
  • Page Count: 21
  • Language: Serbian