Multiple methods, the same challenge: the interlingual transfer Cover Image

Plusieurs méthodes, un même défi à relever : le transfert interlingual
Multiple methods, the same challenge: the interlingual transfer

Author(s): Georgiana Lungu-Badea
Subject(s): Language studies, Language and Literature Studies, Foreign languages learning, Theoretical Linguistics, Translation Studies
Published by: Universitatea de Vest din Timişoara
Keywords: translation studies;translation history;translation terminology;translation theories;translation theory;criticism of translation;translation competence
Summary/Abstract: This paper can be considered an inter, trans- and multi- disciplinary study. The author combines several disciplines (the pedagogy, criticism and history of translation) which, while retaining their specificity, are involved in the acquisition of transversal skills that are common to the practice and history of translation, to translation theories and terminology. The author's intention is to demonstrate that the translation competence, built on an undeniable editorial skill, can increase simultaneously with the documentary and terminological competence and that translation teaching and learning goes hand in hand with the teaching of the translation history and translation studies.

  • Page Range: 209-225
  • Page Count: 17
  • Publication Year: 2015
  • Language: French